Thursday, April 7, 2011

yay to Mercury in Retrograde...

So...have not been able to blog as much as I wanted ...largely due to the Tech War I am engaged in.

But, now I have a newer computer for the jobby job, and I spanky new to me laptop in which I have now impressed myself Tech War is hopefully whimpering out to a scuffle.

yay friends and their wonderfulness!

 So..despite the stress in that area, I ahve been doing better in self moderation than expected with the food not available this week as I planned. I had a bit left over from the previous week so I went through that...for which Merc Retro is a good thing ..going through your stuff and using it, or getting rid of it..aside from the communication snafus and tech issues that can arise.

all in all..Mercury is our friend, illuminating that which needs to be dealt with....

 i just do not have to like him very much while he's doing it....right?

  keeping the Faith,
Fat Diva

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