Monday, April 4, 2011


Day 2 recap: April 2 was not a hard day, i even went grocery shopping hungry and got only what I needed...go me. Nothing much else other than did my measurements, which I do not have here with me, and tried to clean out some clutter in the cupboards.

Day 3- For those who do not know, I have suffered from migraines since I was 17. And as we are n a Solar Maximum (Solar Cycle 24 for those who are paying attention) we had some CME bounce off the planet, triggering a nasty migraine for me, and a 6.7 earthquake for I was in bed all of Day 3 and today, I am not right in the head.

Day 4 con't : Also..the most common obstacle to my healthy eating arose today in that I had to sell my SSHE food to a customer who ordered later than Thursday via the website, and our corp office was SOLD OUT as of I got screwed.

It is when I am starved out of my mind that I become Bad Choices Bitch.

Thus...I am crabby.


  1. ps..thanks for all the super swell supportive comments...i appreciate it greatly...especially on days like today

  2. well its April 21st, how are you doing?