Monday, April 18, 2011

not sure..

hey there...

coming off a stressful and not so successful food issue it is Monday and for the last 3 hrs I have been struggling to keep my eyes open. keep falling asleep here at my store..crazy.

usually when I get like is because there are incoming messages from the Big that is kinda interesting.

been working on my taxes...blargh...still working on them

made much better food choices today. that helps. and since i plan to sleep as soon as I get home..that helps that as well.

this week looks to be harder as I am working over 50 hrs and counting and ave little down time. So i have to plan food very carefully or it will wreck me

i am longing for my blog to get wittier and snappy-er but it is not in the cards til after this month is sorry about that

i feel like I am a Michael Crichton novel

" we traveled 20 miles by camel today. i ate one date. i slept"


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