Thursday, April 14, 2011

bloggity blog blog

i tried to post a lovely blog about my lunch the other day.

it was about radishes.
but the interwebs ate i did the radishes.

there is poetry in there somewhere...

maybe it is because no one would have really cared about my lunch.

As I look at the calendar, it has been 14 days into my journey and I have learned that I can actually do this if I take it one day at a time...which is something I have never been great at.

I am usually a Past/Future type person..not really a NOW kinda girl.

This weekend I am adding my Motion part of the plan into the mix. I hoped to add it sooner, and thanks to my WhiskeyMarie, I have a cleaner loft to function walking DVD is a go come Saturday.

The plan is moving the bod 3x a week for half hr to start.

I am excited the future..I look forward to getting my swordfighting back in my life. Miss it terribly. TERRIBLY.

Some of my chicas an I are starting a Xena WP Camp in late I have to have MUCH more stamina for that to happen successfully. it will be a blast tho. I can not wait to drill drill drill...

I have conquered at least 2/3 of my Tech look for me to be blogging at least every other day.

Thanks for checking in on me and for your encouraging words. It helps me stay focused.

Have a great day and be strong.
Fat Diva

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