Thursday, April 21, 2011

the winter that never ends..

I know I am supported by many upper Midwesterners when I say..."Spring! WTF are you?"

I am itching to get outside. The walking dvd is fine, but outside is a bit better.

Watched a very inspirational dance thing last night, The LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancer Season 1

AMAZING! I am a closet dance flick lover, well..not so closet...but it is a sweet indulgence of mine. Next lifetime I get to be a b-girl, damn bod and all.

inspired me to dance in my loft last night cuz no one was felt great.

So Anonymous asked me how I was doing here as we reach April 21st.

I am struggling, but determined. There were days the last weeks, where the pressures of my life were difficult to navigate emotionally, and as I am looking frankly at my motivations for what I put in my mouth, and if I would exercise. I see where more pitfalls are then I was aware of  that is progress. I will take that as a win!

And I see how I manipulate myself..I can justify just about

So each time I make a choice, I am striving to be more CONSCIOUSLY choosing as opposed to asking myself the following questions

Q: "am I doing this behavior because I seriously NEED to have this , or am I being habitual?" (huge revelation there)
Q: " Am I choosing this because I think it will make me feel better in the moment, and/or does it adversely effect the long term ME?"
Q: " Is my uterus driving this choice? If so, give it what it wants and back up slowly...and for the love of Goddess, do NOT make eye contact with it"

All these are new habits I am creating. And all will beat out into a new way of things..... with time.

If you are looking for numbers, I am not dealing with those for the first 60 days because they are never indicative of anything other than de-toxing and not what my goal is.

I appreciate everyone's support.

This fight is a mental fight...

"free my mind and the body will follow."..just like L.A.Story

thanks all..working on blogging at least every other day far so good.

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  1. Very good point about the first 60 days! Don't need the number head junk while you are trying to form habits! I took it to heart and hid my scale!