Thursday, July 21, 2011

yay for psychic friends network skillz....

A Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating customer who moved back to Michigan 1 yr ago stopped by today. 
She has lost over 100 lbs, her son is getting married this weekend, and she wanted to see me and thank me for the encouragement I provided for her all through her process and beyond. 
What is spooky fun? I JUST thought of her on Tuesday and wondered how she was.
 Life can be tre' cool.
 She looks amazing, did before the weight loss too...but her own self-love coming off her was brighter and she was clearly feeling her mojo.
this Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating product  is such a great tool for people
I never go to "work" even when the store is 104 degrees and think..."I hate this job"

Monday, July 18, 2011 it is beyond forgive the absence...i am coming back online shortly

here is a recent bio i was asked to write for a website and radio show I will be on tomorrow at The Edge online

I am on during the latter part of the tune in from 6pm-7pm on Tues July 19th.

It is a show about spiritual paths and I will be discussing my journey and my womyn's chorus, The Idisi  ( as well as health and wellness.

Dayna Jean Wolter is a womyn of vast and diverse brain cells...all which have driven her quite mad with information gathering antics and assignments. She jokingly refers to herself as the Cliff Claven of The Universe.

Dayna Jean stepped onto the stage at the precocious age of 4 by singing at her family's Wisconsin resort, and has been driven by the need to sing for millions ever since.

After grappling with the adverse and insidious programming that humans are subject to by modern media here in the Western World , she has embraced her Diva-Nature and taken her rightful place as a warrior, artist, teacher, healer, messenger, oracle, sonic priestess, and spiritual ass-kicker for the Divine Feminine and it's emergence in reclaiming Her place in this, the 5th World.

Dayna Jean is the founder and director of The Idisi, a chorus of wyld womyn who are charged with freeing womyn's voices to sing and heal , and inspiring womyn of the world to come back to the Circle and unite our energies to heal the World. .

She is also owner of Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating of Minneapolis and owns Valkyrie Design Studio in St Paul, MN.

Her blog, Fat Diva In Motion was recently launched to assist her and others in making sense out of the madness of the irrational the pursuit of being Skinny...

Dayna Jean can often be found running wyld in the woods on spiritual pilgrimage with her chicas, and talking with her crow brothers and sisters...who love cheese, bacon, and pie as much as she does....but not necessarily in that order.

Monday, July 4, 2011

keeping a promise...

so in the Summer Solstice shows that I did with The Idisi in June..I made a promise to dance in public at CONvergence 2011.

did not happen as I thought it would.

i figured I would go top the Retro Dance on Thursday, dance a bit in the dark with hundreds of other geeks..and then be done..

but nooooo.

I did it on Mainstage while singing with my dearheart friend Lojo Russo....and it was lovely

no one stoned me

actually was told how beautiful it was to see me dance as the music moved through my body

so ....basically..this shit is all in  my head..and i need to just get over it.


promise kept ...promise fulfilled