Thursday, July 21, 2011

yay for psychic friends network skillz....

A Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating customer who moved back to Michigan 1 yr ago stopped by today. 
She has lost over 100 lbs, her son is getting married this weekend, and she wanted to see me and thank me for the encouragement I provided for her all through her process and beyond. 
What is spooky fun? I JUST thought of her on Tuesday and wondered how she was.
 Life can be tre' cool.
 She looks amazing, did before the weight loss too...but her own self-love coming off her was brighter and she was clearly feeling her mojo.
this Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating product  is such a great tool for people
I never go to "work" even when the store is 104 degrees and think..."I hate this job"

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