Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movement for Movement's Sake..and other Tales of Me..

So my post-con world went a bit on the hermit-y side so been doing a lot of "in my head" work..some good, some stagnant, some not good...but all in many selves had a meeting and we have all concluded :

We need an effective, interesting, fun movement plan...stat!

I am excited to say that joining the neighborhood T'ai -Chi Chuan studio is the winner.

Despite being the lovely place that The Idisi recorded our "chanty-WHOO-ha" ( debut album in over 2011 Easter weekend, it is just down the street from me...(convenient) and my pal Dwarven Queen is going to join me..anyone else interested in hooking up with us?...we are starting after I return from sound healing training in Seattle post Labor Day

Sufi Ray is a wonderful person and dear friend and supporter of all things Fat Diva, as is the organization at large...(smirk) and the studio is gorgeous.

I am discovering this balance being lost issue due to fallen arches is deeper than I first realized and in getting back to teaching and doing staged combat late this coming Fall..I need a lot of work..and some epic mindset peace needs to be achieved  to accomplish what I see coming for Fat Diva in the next cycle.

Also...along with the guidance of Dwarven Queen...who is a long time 20+ year Polynesian dancer.(who knew?)....I am more determined to learn Hula in the next year than ever..and for knees are wanting help yeah...movement for movement's sake is what I am focusing on as opposed to "exercise" for it is a word I hate...seriously hate...and yes.."hate" is a strong term and thus I use it for this.

so we now use the term "Movement"

I am also digging deeper into my emotional attachment to food...or more recently discovered DE-tachment to food.

I am investigating the book and philosophy of Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon. I think it will be something I vibe well with. Have a few other Divas I know checking it out too who brought my attention to it.

(and yes..that her last name is Bacon is hilarious to me..Bacon OBVIOUSLY was a sign from Goddess to check it out)

So..there is my long last update...working more on the dancing for movement's sake as well. Thank you all for such lovely words, comments, and personal emails about your feelings about my dancing. It helped me..... a lot. Over time, hopefully now shorter because of this internal work...I will be out shaking tail like I used to.

Much love and remember are awesome

Fat Diva

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