Thursday, September 8, 2011

well, that was unexpected....

Just returned from my first journey to the Pacific Northwest. (yes there will be many more)

I was blessed to be in Seattle, WA for a workshop intensive centered around the healing power of Sound.

Had the itinerary bespoke of the fact that  we would be dancing in a ballroom 4-5 times daily with 550 strangers from 20 countries and the continent of North America...I would have balked and said "screw that!"

but...I did NOT know (clever bastards) and so there I was...being offered the opportunity to break and smash through lots of "story" I have around others talking nasty about me when I shake my Fat Diva ass.

I even had more stamina than some of the "skinny" folks...and a woman wrote a song about me dancing called "Angelwings" ..because she could not move much and was able to feel the joy of movement through watching me dance...awww...

who knew?

so now...i really have ZIPPO platform for argument about dancing in public...although I am not feeling a journey to Ground Zero or First Ave anytime soon...but it is still progress...and I am proud of my taking it on.

My legs hurt, but in a good way.

Meditation and altered states of consciousness for 4-5 hours a day was INTENSE and filled with lots of stuff for me to make choices about.

Life path wise...things will be shifting...but all in all the journey was epic by all descriptions and I walked away enriched, supported, and assured that I am on my Path. summarize

more Movement
more Meditation
more Me

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