Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sadly.... not like Bull...

I used to be very strong.


I have had folks move furniture with me and freak out when I have lifted bookcases, dressers,my end of the futon/bed and they say "Whoa! Holy crap you are freakishly strong!"

Fat Diva recently got herself into a swimming pool at the end of Aug and beginning of Sept (see a fore mentioned HOT-ness in the Midwest belch of that time period)

It was great. I love to swim. Grew up on lake resort in WI and swimming a the time...I am indeed a mermaid and or whale like creature.

Once in the water...good luck getting me luck.

Sadly, the modern tub is not a joy for my Divaness nor my Berserker Viking  DNA and lots of shower time.....lots.. is medicine to me..and I had realized that first swim, that I had not submerged myself in a large body of water since the Gulf when in Mexico in June 2010...what? that is just not right...

So..there I was, working out in the pool...3 hours one day, 2 hours the next week...and then it was discovered....that fact that...

I am no longer freakishly strong....not at.all.

I figure, my life the last 7 years has resulted in a loss of at least 35% of the muscle mass of my legs....and that is me being kind to myself.

I was BLOWN away..."what.. what is all this...jiggly stuff ??? " (yay water for it's illuminating anti gravity skills). WHERE ARE MY LEGS??

No wonder the lungs have been in revolt and the tiredness etc.

So.. we know how to do will be hard...but we have the data to correct it..

I have sussed out a place to go swim without it being a meat market of weirdness and shame,. and it is far to expensive to access as a full gym...but I found a joyous place for healing in the water.

I am looking forward to a winter of warm pool therapy access and some deep water resistance training.

It will take a few years to regain what I lost, but the shock of it being gone was a very huge bonus to my system.

And water brings me such joy, so it is not really like excersise..

not really...

Hope you are smacked with revelations this Fall, dear readers... Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on Oct 21- Nov 10, 2013

If you  have no idea what that means...see links below.

Perfect Cosmic help in cleaning out the dross and letting go at the time of the Bone Mother as we approach the New Year (Samhain) If  you do not know what any of that means...Google and Wikipedia are your friends

We all have deep inner work to look to...and get it done. Time is of the essence...even when you bend it , like I do.

A Ho,

Fat Diva

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