Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So let's ride this ride...

so...as I am girding my loins to launch this here bloggy-blog-blog onto the World...I am working on some things in my head to make sure I am prepping myself for success.

A dear friend asked me the other night, "what happens if you find no one reads your words or responds to your blogs? have you thought about how you are going to deal with that?"

super excellent question.

Mainly...this journey is for me.... but..as I have learned in my musical/ performing/theater life...one never knows who is watching ...and you influence everything around you...just as everything around you influences you.

so I am at peace with just prostrating my naked soul out here in the lovely Interwebs...and what ever happens ..happens.

it is all about the path and taking it one step at a time....which I currently suck at, btw.


  1. Lurkers unite! We adore you from afar!

  2. I would adore you from near more often, but I'm afraid that you would just consider me a stalker at that point and get a restraining order. :)

    Love you sweetie! I am here to support you in whatever endeavors you may need my assistance in.