Monday, March 14, 2011

They say if is scares the piss out of you...then you are suppose to do it...right?

...but then I ask..." Who the hell are THEY?"

So welcome to my scary new adventure.

Scary for me at least. MAYBE scary for you, dearest reader, but I can assure you...if you keep your hands in the air and scream along with will the something worth remembering.

So...what we have here is a Fat Diva (me) looking to harness the power of the peoples (you) to assist her in keeping her word to herself.

Now..I will share many words with you on this here little bloggy-blog...some fun, some nasty, some whiny, some inspirational, some insightful, some mean, some crazy, some loving , some crazy..did I mention the crazy?All in all...lots of words. The most important being that I keep my promise to myself to be here everyday, talking about my process, begging for prayers, help, a witness to the journey I am about to engage in....this journey to transform my fat-ness into my Self-Loveness.

There...I said it. Transform the fat-ness....

I am freaking out.

It begins April 1st, 2011.

I hope I see y'all here...though I am at peace with sitting here and talking to myself....but ya' know...with peeps is better.

(holds up virtual champagne bottle...and yes it is the expensive kind..duh!) <SMACK!boooossshhhhdripdripdrip>

" I christen thee bloggy-blog...Fat Diva In Motion!!  Let the Fat-Transforming begin!!!"