Thursday, March 17, 2011

Testing..1 2 3....

So been doing a test run of sorts...working kinks out of this thing before the start day...

LJ users seem to be having a problem posting in that persona...not sure how to fix that...

Doing well in eating my Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating meals for breakfast and lunch...dinner is a challenge with my INSANE have a week and a half to get that kink solved.

Also..after this weekend, I am dry running (read as walking in place) my new walking workout dvd...Thanks again BohoStar for that lead.

.all in all...the check list is getting smaller.

Now..blogging everyday...that I have to figure out as well.

lots to do yet to be ready.

thanks for checking in and your words of encouragement


  1. So, chick-a-dee, do we get to see this check list?

  2. I lurk in support. One Winged Valkyrie. One Underworld Queen. 4/1/11. For the win.