Monday, May 30, 2011

well...what a surprise

so...last summer....I was able ~by sheer magic mind you~ to convince 4 of my gal pals to do a HUGE EPIC costume build project for our sci-fi con we are all involved in every July 4th weekend.

and I do NOT exaggerate when I say it is an EPIC undertaking....


Part of  these costumes include corsetry...which all of us are familiar with due to various years working Renaissance festivals etc.

However, different period of corset than we all have, so new custom corsets being we measured for them...oh...probably 3-4 months it came time this past Friday to strap me in and make my custom duct-tape bodice pattern...and low and behold

my corset is freakin HUGE on me.

Now...this is largely due to us not measuring better when we did it...and ..based on my measurements I recorded pre-blog launch...! have lost 4 inches in my waist

Empress gave me crap because I just could not accept I had moved some weight around and lost some inches...and was saying how interesting it was that I was unable to accept I had lost some inches, as I was protesting greatly.

i found this curious and need to take a look at that.

so..yay..yeah me..i guess..hmmmm

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  1. Believe in yourself. Fabric does not lie. You can do this! Keep up the good work...c