Monday, May 9, 2011

yay Sun...

even though I am not a Sun baby...glad to see it lately.

Went through my cupboards and started pitching stuff this last week. Found some things and made some soup to freeze...I am discovering some interesting habits I inherited from my Mother...

I never thought... as a kid growing up on the farm... much about not having food in the house. We always had canned goods, both purchased and homemade. We had many freezers full of the animals we raised, and never was I want for anything if I wanted to bake, or make dinner for the family.

I noticed... as my Mother is now retired, that she has 8x the amount of food in the house than she needs being the only one at home usually..though the kids are over a lot and my Bro and Sis in law are over as well...but not to this extent.

I realized that Mom was always making sure there was "troubled times" stock in the pantry..and she was very frugal with how she stored and stocked my Dad worked in the construction trade and when times were lean..they were lean...but we always had food on hand no matter what. Then when she started working at the mill on swing was a timing issue until I started to drive and could shop for us instead of her.

and I took to grocery shopping like this for years, til I bought Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating in 2005 and stopped grocery shopping much...and in the last 18 months, I have noticed that if I do not have food in the house.... I FREAK OUT!

MAJOR anxiety trigger...curious response

Not having a car or license means getting to the store is a pain in the ass, so I rarely go until I am out of cat food or

and as I toss out expired canned goods (yes i know they are not really expired...but beans from 2003...really?) I see how much influence my growing up effects the state of mind I have about was especially acute this winter...because the winter lasted FOR- yeah...need to do some energetic clearing on the storage of pantry food stuff being something to make me feel safe.

Though the world is rapidly moving in a direction that says that is not a bad habit to have...*sigh

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