Monday, June 6, 2011


i loathe the heat.

a person can only get so naked

here is a letter to my body today:

"Dear lower back and right hip, I wish you loved me more and hurt me less. If  I could, I would break up with you today, but it is too fraking hot for me to get up the energy to call you, or write a Dear John letter. So...screw you from the current location I am melting from...Regards, Fat Diva. P.S..your timing sucks and I am removing you from my friends list"

the end

1 comment:

  1. Dear Fat Diva,

    I wish you loved me. When it's hot you used to keep ice packs in the freezers so you could put them against me. I also wished you knew I'm hurting because you're taking better care of yourself and losing weight and I am learning how to carry myself differently and my muscles are crabby because they are working differently. I still love you and know how you hate the heat. We'll be better friends again...promise. I love you. Now go stick your head in the freezer.
    Love, Your sticky, sexy body