Friday, July 26, 2013

"Et tu, Brute?"


Some say...ya gotta love them. Really? Do I, really?

Hmmm.. I know deep in my heart ....I do. Love them, that is. Goddess bless me, but I have to.

But when I say "them" I REEEEALLLY need to include myself in that pronoun of generality....right?

Self is a tough card for me. And it gets even harder when I read the Mass Media bullshit headlines, blogs, and sound bytes of the daily grind.....

Thank Goddess I have a wondrous support system and we have the interwebs to connect us all to our tribe- at- large..(that's punny!)

But seriously......I am raising a red flag, or better upside down American flag of distress here today...and waving it wildly in the air...

I grow more and more alarmed everyday at the Fascists and corporate overlords who are buying up everything and everyone.... waging this VERY OPEN- VERY PUBLIC campaign of extreme hatred against fat people.

Are we ...the fat people...going to have to hold festivals to honor and celebrate our "UN-conformity" and wage a right's battle on Capital Hill and in legislation everywhere...just to have a right to exist? Or are we just getting crucified and shoved into some trains soon...and taken to a hot place..??

Cuz....I will cut a bitch...and prejudice required.... and so will my peeps...

In regards to the Shakespearean quote of "Et tu, Brute?"...I cite this in reference not to the suggestion that Caesar was saying to Brutus..."You ass, I thought you had my back...fucker"...but in the interpretation that is more akin to  "Hey Brutus (also translated means dull or stupid in Latin)'re next....asshat."

The current social/economic climate looks to be trending hard that way. If I were not so angry, it would scare the POOP right out of me...and some might say.."Hey Fat Diva, that is great because ya would weigh less " and I say to those people.

Shut. your. pieholes.

And just wait until Obama Care kicks in....... Fatties?... start prepping for Fatpocalypse...

We live in a world here in the Western cultures, where we are fed food that has ZERO nutrition, is messed with by untried and tested "science" (looking at you GMO asshatery...stop fucking with the bees....and everything else) that is driven by MEGAcorporations that wish to reap (rape) the money from us while feeding us sawdust...yes, dear reader.... and soon Soylent Green is watch...we are already allowing this to happen to our farm animals...and then we get the BigPharma telling us we are fat because we LACK the willpower to OBVIOUSLY stop stuffing our faces with crap food that is filled with fat, salt, fake sugar (but at LEAST it is low fat, thank JeeBus)  and...yes.. soon that added flavor of people (see above)..and THEN...insult upon injury... the MASS (funny that word used to describe them)  media enforces that we feel like shit about ourselves because we can not live life up to, or be like, the .000000008 % of the Beautiful Cool Kids we see AIRBRUSHED (who are secretly sucking down Epsom salt to stay thin)... in any media bytes we are watching...sadly CHOOSING to we get depressed ....which makes us do what? you got it!... eat more crap from Big Agra and then go to the Dr, INC ....who treats us like muck beneath his shoe because we require "the big cuff " to check the blood pressure..then we EAT more drugs he gives us (isn't that his job...drug pusher for the overlords? or am I mistaken?) because SHOCKINGLY....can you believe it?  We are fucking to top that joyful ride off...we then go outside in Social Land...wher the "people" are... and enjoy the sweet privilege of being shamed by EVERYONE because we obviously can not CONTROL ourselves in the snacks aisle and now " YOU PEOPLE are going to cost the tax payers of this country BILLIONS of dollars in health care costs because YOU ARE A LOSER.....and just can not stop eating EVERYTHING!"


(screaming aloud)....ARE>YOU>FUCKING>KIDDING>ME?


I am so so angry. In case you missed that factoid...I am.

And working in the world of heath and wellness, I see the results of this Ride TO Hell on the faces and souls of my customers..who just want to live their lives, raise their babies, and be happy.

Yes, many of us have made choices that effect our fattness ...and shit, even called that into being.....Talk to me about Journeys down dark roads and finding our broken selves again, then being brave enough to love all the pieces as a whole..but that is another blog..

.in the meantime...

How do you even DARE be happy and be fat?

Even when you work toward becoming healthier...which is subjective and unique to each soul on the planet...(I am fat..and pretty damn healthy for where I am at...) fat folks are kicked and spit on the entire way they are trying to walk their walk...people driving by in cars while we are out exercising ....and they ...the "people"....feel it is their God- Given -Right  to share their opinion, good or bad..on what we are doing, or eating in a restaurant, or shopping for clothes..

WAIT...daydream time!! (dooddlydoodoodlydoodoodlydoo)

Imagine..... if I just decided to inform every parent I saw in my daily life about my opinion about them choosing to raise 3-6+ kids in a world where resources are unequally distributed amongst the peoples of the World,  and how offended I am they they can not "say no" to sex, and how they OBVIOUSLYdo not use contraceptives. I tell them ...please!  spare the world 3+ more of your entitled, bratty kids who always are ripping shit they did not buy off the retail shelves I am trying to stock..I ask them.."DO you live on a farm? Do you need these kids to work the land, or go work in the factory while you sit at home and dream of other places to screw your spouse so you can remain addicted to the rush of hormones you feel while pregnant...? because you seriously can not love the having kids part when you let them run a muck and annoy everyone trying to shop."....imagine a world where I could say that..

(Reality returns) But you can tell me  "maybe I should have a salad instead of an entree as you casually walk by my restaurant table, where I am minding my own business and enjoying the company of friends? And think I will not hear you when you say it under your breath? Really?...FUCK YOU.


Now....tell me how long YOU could withstand that shit and be successful in healing your self..mind -body and spirit...cuz guess what Dr -Wanna -Be-God-sauces....and Peoples Who are Hating Themselves and Have To Take It Out On Fatties...

read this article..yes it is a MMS thing...shhh

I hope that other sane folks who feel this trend is dangerous and alarming start to speak up and ask the questions, and DEMAND answers....."How do we stop the madness?.."What the hell?" "We have to end this " etc" least for the sake of the damn children....please Jee Bus...and all Holy Beings everywhere...we .no wait.. as the pronoun earlier cited....."they"...the "peoples"  have gone MAD....MADDD!!!
..send the Ezekiel Wheels....HURRY!

I am ready.

 I have always known I would most likely leave this world on fire, strapped to a pole..and I am at peace with fighting to the death for my beliefs and for the sake of others I believe in...the question I ask you, dearest reader is...look to your own life and it's habits and desires....are you real with yourself about what is happening?...not just to fat people, but things that CONTINUE to happen to folks who are maybe not like you,believe like you,  look like you, think like you..?.

Are you next? Cuz we are there....we are already there...and divide and conquer is very much forefront on the minds of those who would oppress us..

I leave you to ponder with the words from our not -so- distant past...

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.
~ Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

 Be Mindful your words, your thoughts, your deeds, and Be the change you want to see in the World...I am working on that myself...

Thanks for reading, peeps..Fat Diva is off to prep for battle...what are YOU doing?

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  1. How has no one commented on this post yet? Seriously people? I hear you diva! It is alarming what they are doing to our HealthCare "System", what they are doing to our food and the allowances afforded to companies in the lack of regulations and advertising bullshit statements that are intentionally misleading...don't even get me started on milk and eggs!
    But more alarming than what the suits (both men and women) are doing as they are removed from the impact of their decisions other than their spreadsheets and bank accounts, are how we, the peoples, treat each other. It breaks my heart to hear statements made in judgement and intolerance of others...of us...of you...of me. That is some sort of crazy darkness lurking in some people. And it angers me to see anyone's light dim, if even for a moment, as they are touched by this poison.
    I am with you Diva, I will fight by your side. I hope others are simply contemplating the truth and their role. My guess, in time, you will have an army. Your light is bright and your passion is strong. <3