Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Diva Loves Her Some Random Strangers....

I met an angel once.

Actually, let me back up...I have met angels many times in the Dreamtime..but this angel...was 3D Land. Full on fleshed out right before my eyes.

Groovy story...regardless how you might feel about the validity of a person meeting in 3D Land or in the Dreamtime...but that is your deal, and I respect that.

My deal goes like this....

Long ago...say about 1994-1996 ish...can not recall exactly was long ago.... I was working a sports celebrity event Jim Marshall was throwing.... with my bestie, Pamazon...and the Guest of Honor, aside from some MN Sports greats like Kent Hrbeck, (SUPER nice guy BTW) was the actor John Amos.

For his deets, click here:

Anyway, so we are doing this celebrity auction in support of inner city youth ...and after the party was wrapping up and a few of us were sitting at the bar listening to these great stories John was sharing, he decided he was not done, and that we all needed to go find a reggae bar to go dancing at. Luckily, we were down at the Fine Line, and a jaunt over to The Red Sea on the West Bank was not out of the way.

However, Pamazon and I are two...very Diva-esque white chicks...and I was in my late 20's and Pamazon is 12 years my senior...not that age has much to do with it, shit, John and most of the peeps we were with were far older than was just...a reggae bar? Seriously? and we were in formal-esque attire as we weight the option and said......sure...wth! and off we went.

So we get to the Red Sea...on a Saturday night...TOTALLY packed...great Bob Marley cover band playing... and bestie and I look at each other a crossed a sea of lots and lots of short folks...and we start"are you kidding me? Are we really here? Is this happening?" and as I stood there, awkward and thinking, "we should just go".... a TINY little Rasta man came vaulting...I kid you not...He SPRUNG out of the dance floor crowd, seized my wrist like a vise, and yanked me into the center of the dance floor...and proceeded to ROCK.HIS.FACE.OFF....and after a breath of.."HOLYSHITWHATDOIDONOW?"..I threw myself into the music with abandon and rocked my Fat Diva ass off as well.


So, one would think this was the end of a tale, but it is sadly, the bar was close to closing, so dance your face off time only happened for about 20-30 minutes tops before it was time to leave...John had a blast and hugged us all fiercely as we poured out of the club, all sweaty and giddy.  out we stumbled into the early summer night..and as goodbyes were trailing on in their MN way..I stepped off down the sidewalk a store length or so to catch my breath, adrenaline pumping through me and a HUGE Fat Diva smile on my face...

I use to live in the McKnight Building in the Cedar Place highrise in college, so I was very familiar with this corner...and as it was late, there was no one really around unless they came out of Red Sea, or the 400 Bar...and as I sucked in air and reset my center...I remarked to myself how odd it was that the street was so empty, Red Sea spill out excepted.

Then I heard this soft voice come from my blindside on my lower right ...and it said " You have such a beautiful smile. What are you so happy about?"

I kid you not, this cat was literally within my auric field, and I had not seen or felt him approach..he was just...not there...then there...but he did not scare me...he was a very small Asian looking gentleman, could have been a homeless person, or just a  dude...tho I recall him wearing a parka- like coat, and it not being cold..

I turned, not in a startled way,  and bubbled forth some words about how awesome it was to dance and the music was so great and how could I NOT be elated when life is so groovy....and the rush of it all...

He smiled and nodded ...and then said "We watch you, ya know...and it is loved most by all of us when you sing. You need to sing. Sing."

My eyes opened wide , and I stammered a bit as I said..."yes..I am glad...huh?"
( I know...super eloquent of me, eh? And truth be told, at the time, I was not singing very much and was all mucked up about it)

I turned left quickly to see if Pamazon was coming and then looked right back at him to ask more about the singing, and he was thin air..not walking across the street, or down the street...just...gone...

I knew then in my heart of hearts, without question, that  I had had a run in with a seraphim- like being.

Pamazon found me shortly and I babbled the experience to her....she being a person of deep Spirit....we hugged and shook our heads about what a weird and wonder- filled night it was...and we got in the car to go..

That day has never left me. Not sure what to do with it, other than maybe knowing the comfort that we are being watched loved ones, angels, guardians, those with our highest good at the heart...and that as hard as this 3D world can be ...there is something much  more to be gained from living it.

Play hard, Love deep, Sing and Dance your faces off, my pretties...

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