Monday, February 10, 2014

Living in the Molasses Swamp...just south of the GumDrop Mountains

 Burnout teaches you what it takes to be splendidly human, wondrously creative, and intrinsically you
~ Leonie Dawson

Hello there, dearest ones.....Fat Diva here.. working through the piles of pain and anguish to look up, weakly smile, and let the world know I am endeavoring to persevere...I would stake a flag in every millimeter of ground had I the strength to do so...

We are dealing with a complex health to the mix...thyroid are not at all surprised...recent conversations with the Mamma about childhood-ness helped clue us into some work to be done there..oy...very very complicated to unravel.

So far we are looking at a layered cake effect of Body Sadness :

Acute Insomnia ( for over 3.5 months now)
Adrenal Fatigue
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Thyroid (not sure if hypo or hyper at this point)
Pagophagia (iron anemia that leads to obsessive ice chewing...I know...weird...and bad for teeth..which are also sad)
Restless Leg
Acute menses cramps (though regular last 8 months for first time since 8th
Depression ( I know.... you are shocked)

Oddly, and thankfully, my chronic migraines have been fewer the last few months

I am in the process of some hair analysis being done and some bloodwork tests to get the factoids together so we can figure out a nutritional and supplemental plan. Thank Goddess for the interwebs and the research that can be done, despite having to wade through tons of not true is something we are blessed to have access to.

The question of which crisis to attack first is what we wait for..I have been stabbing around, thinking I knew which way to go, but the persistent and rude companion of Insomnia is starting to make my brain far less rational...and the id/ego- monsters roaming unchecked in the Inter -Realms of the Fat Diva are queuing and rumors are ...they are looking to unionize.

So we fight them off hourly and hope the abundance angels are able to heed our prayers for energy tools so we can choose wisely and execute wiser plans of recovery better..

I am thankful for the support circles I have, we are keeping each other on the road..though sometimes the vehicles are careening too near the edge....

In the mean time, much self reflection, reconstructing of neuro-pathways, oodles of kitty snuggles, ignoring of domestics, and lots of bone broth, ginger tea, and continuing to decrease the sugar, gluten and dairy input...and we sleep when we can and just work at being gentle with the Self...that is a shattered creature that we are hoping the bits of brightly colored threads woven to and fro...with lots of glitter to cover up the mushy parts... will suffice.

May you find more Self Love in your day than ever...we all need it to thrive.

Fat Diva

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