Thursday, July 26, 2012

RAW-r or Not RAW-r? aka Doomed Horizon have not heard much from the Fat Diva lately..and I am sad for that...Life just gets all Life-y and this year has been brutal on many in my circles and I am weathering the storms and tsunami swells myself...oy.

I know I am not alone in this of that.

One of the things, as it relates to being Fat that I have been doing a bunch of research and contemplation about adding a bunch of Raw Food lifestyle into the Fat Diva Land mixer.

So I am looking at the pros and cons...cons being not that the lifestyle is is not...but how can Fat Diva implement it into her OWN worldview...that is a much more interesting puzzle...

I have a pal looking to do some similar changes, so we are knocking our gorgeous noggins together and seeing what we can make happen...

I have been feeling for a long time, my body crave the juicy juice detox gifty...and it is about carving out a space in the CrazySchedule to make myself important enough, my house clean enough, and the grocery shopping affordable enough to do a 10 day juice cleanse and reset. that sounds like excuses...i am choosing to see it as a Reality Check Opportunity...Raw Food/Juicy Food is high maintenance, and expensive in the urban would think as myself..I would be use to that...but I am not. One one gets into this can simplify as economy of motion kicks in...but that takes time.

My gluten intolerance is tipped over as well. Now, I  am not allergic...just sensitive after several years of eating without the mindfulness for that... acidity is harsh and need to focus on the alkaline making of the body pH.

so LOTS of Self Love work to do...did I mention that I suck at that?

Lost some peeps recently ...way to young for Death...and health issues...and have some more peeps dealing with health challenges of an epic

Future Times:

Looking at my commodities and futures reports, and gleaning much info from rouge economists and fringe watcher alternative news folk...the way we deal with, have access to, acquire good fresh garbage-free food is in danger of shifting in a way we are too terrified and in denial to imagine...

all the more reason to plan and dump the energetically manifested -bulky -flesh- dress...because when it comes down to survival..know one really cares if you are fat, what your skin color is, who your parents were, or what faith you practice...right? everything becomes CRYSTAL clear and that economy of E-motion kicks in...

And all signs of the coming future tells me the Zombie Apocalypse is not as far off as we needs to be a system reset and overhaul completed in the next 10 months...I feel the pressure from all sides.

I am listening now, Universe...I get it...the Hunger Games are here...we are poised for an Empire do we all do to strengthen, prepare, and be in the best place we can be to be in peace about what is possible, and change the story>

We focus on our Self  Love, Self Care and keep our hearts open to hear the wisdom from within, and then act on it.

the acting part...that is the scary piece sometimes...right?

William Shatner...look out Fat Diva is in the house...

Pray for me, gentle readers...pray for us all.


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  2. sweet is that. I will check it out.thanks babe