Monday, August 8, 2016

Hey there peeps,

I am doing a thing...Over on the Facebook's...please come be a member in sacred dance space and pick up the challenge for your Self Love, Joy and Healing...I triple dog dare you....

Fat Diva Dance Challenge 2016

Description :

Fat Diva challenges you to dance every day on film for 1 min and triple dares you to share it here. Be happy, shake your asses, heal yourself, and heal our fantastic minute at a time...

as inspired by the page "Danse avec moi, une minute par jour's" by Christine in Quebec

Note-This is a CLOSED group so we can create and manage SACRED and LOVING Space for members to have support in overcoming body hatred and healing from trauma and Life experiences. 

This space is intended for ZERO judgement .... Haters will be transmuted....

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